For several years Jacobo Kaufmann has been researching and writing, mainly about “Music Theatre” and the “History of the Jewish People”.
His research on music theatre obviously relates to his activities as an opera stage-director and lecturer. It encompasses a variety of subjects, such as Western and Asian Opera (Chinese, etc.), French Operetta, Opéra Bouffe and Spanish Zarzuela.

His interest in the History of the Jewish People mainly concentrates on:
  1. Jewish life and culture in Argentina.

  2. The Inquisition in Hispanic-America.

  3. Sephardic culture and Ladino art and literature.

  4. German Jewry from the Middle Ages until the Holocaust, with a special accent on the 19th. Century, the development of Juden Deutsch, a language similar to Yiddish, and Jewish music, liturgic and secular.

  5. Jewish Genealogy.