Jacobo Kaufmann’s theatrical career began during his early childhood, when he was discovered by Hedy Crilla. Several years later he studied acting at her studio, and started working with various independent theatre companies. With the assistance of the French Government, he went to Paris, invited to the Théâtre Odéon by Jean-Louis Barrault.

After his return to Argentina, he was admitted to the “Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón”, in Buenos Aires, where he specialized in opera stage-direction, set and costume design, lighting and theatre administration, under the guidance of Maestros Enrique Sivieri and Saulo Benavente. Before completing his studies, he was already summoned to Teatro Colón, for an opera assistantship, and by the Teatro Argentino in La Plata, for his first opera direction. In the following year he graduated with honours from the Instituto Superior de Arte, and began an important and successful international career, uninterrupted until this day.

Jacobo Kaufmann has been frequently praised for his productions, rich in detail, precise work on characters, imaginative lighting, and a deep thematic understanding. “His most original stagings are total representations, in which music, action and plot melt with absolute unity and strength.”