Jacques Offenbach

   Jacobo Kaufmann has written extensively on Jacques Offenbach, including two books: "Isaac Offenbach und sein Sohn Jacques" and "Jacques Offenbach en Espaņa, Italia y Portugal"(see Biographies). He owns a large collection of more than 200 scores including works for the stage, vocal and instrumental music, more than 80 libretti, all of the music written for the Comedie Francaise, numerous manuscripts, more than 100 recordings, tens of photos, caricatures, programs, books and posters related to Jacques Offenbach. Also manuscripts and other material by and about Isaac Offenbach, Jules Offenbach and Auguste Offenbach. Lists available on request.

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"Synagogue Melodies" by Isaac and Jacques Offenbach

   The following scores of Jewish liturgical works by Isaac and Jacques Offenbach, edited by Jacobo Kaufmann and newly arranged by Raymond Goldstein for cantor solo, choirs, organ and/or piano, are available upon request:
   By Isaac Offenbach (1779-1850):
   Lecha Dodi, Mi Chamocha, Ein Keeloheinu, Hallelu Avdei Adonay (Psalm 113), Hodu la'Adonay ki tov (Psalm 118), Chassal Sidur Pesach, Chad Gadya, Taking out of the Torah (Vayehi Bin'soa, Shemah Israel, Lecha Adonay Hagedulah), Returning of the Torah (Yehallelu et Shem Adonay, Psalm 29, Etz Chayim Hi), Unetaneh Tokef (Berosh Hashanah, Asse Lemaan Shemecha), Halleluyah (Psalm 150), Yaaleh, Ki anu Amecha, Ki'chlot Yeyni tered Eyni.
   By Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880):
   Viduy (Tavo Lefaneicha, Ashamnu)

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