"Jacques Offenbach en Espaņa, Italia y Portugal" (Jacques Offenbach in Spain, Italy and Portugal), 2005. Soon to be published.

   The best kept secret. A most surprising series of discoveries. Jacobo Kaufmann has written the first book ever to mention, let alone offer the details of performaces of Offenbach's works in those countries, a task so far neglected by both musicologists and biographers worldwide.
   The result of a totally new and comprehensive research, this book sheds light on many aspects of the composer's work, his performers and audiences, while portraying political turmoil and military events in Spain, Italy and Portugal that shaped the map of 19th century Europe.
   It not only shows how many of Offenbach's stage-works were seen and appreciated there. It also describes its impact on the development of local forms and styles of music theatre in Madrid, Lisbon and Milano. One may wonder why nobody has mentioned this fact until today. This book provides some answers, together with a full report, an extensive bibliography, and a respectable list of scores and libretti which from now on will have to be included in every serious catalogue.
   Needless to say, this research also contributes to clarify certain aspects of the composer's life, travels and acquaintances, thus bridging significant biographical gaps once and for all.